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Friday, March 7, 2008

Eddie Griffin Commentary

Eddie Griffin could care less about what happens to this big green basketball called Earth. His mind is on heavenly visions. So, don’t get me started, Today, Friday, March 07, 2008.

One Flew Over the Coo-Coo Nest: Part 1

I put all of my eggs into one basket, all of my earthly possessions and money goes to my grandchildren. I have barely less to live on a Disabled Veteran check. Like most black grandparents, I financially support my grandchildren because my son cannot make it himself working for minimum wage, and trying to support two stepchildren. Grandpa has to step up to his calling to see that the “forsaken” grandchildren are not neglected.

So what if my former daughter-in-law is white and my grandchildren mixed, I am still grandpa.

I can understand why the rest of my family does not support my white daughter-in-law. My 81-year old mother still has bad memories of white people. She grew up on a sharecropper plantation in East Texas, during the time of the great lynching. The pain never went away.

I come from an old traditional black family that distances their relatives by birthright. I am the stepson with a stepson, with grandkids by mixed marriage. Call it my own white burden, after my daughter-in-law divorced by son while he was in prison. I have gone through hell defending my former daughter-in-law because I give her hundreds of dollars each month.

The rest of my family will not do it. But I am still grandpa.

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