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Monday, December 15, 2008

Outmoded Education System

The Pareto Principle, commonly known as the 80-20 Rule, postulates that 80% of our effort produces only 20% of the results. By the same principal, there is a 20% effort that produces 80% of the outcome. I will utilized that latter to prove that 80% of our energies poured into our public education system is producing 20% of the results.

Postulation: We are pouring more energy into a wasteful and unproductive system.

Cognition: We have not, because we ask not. Ask and it shall be given. Seeking and you will find.

We can best reduce public school budgets by maximizing free educational resources provided. The government has invested millions of dollars into free online curriculum in various subjects. Yet, someone has yet to connect these free resources to the classroom.

Another free service can be provided by volunteer services, like the G-Force. There are hundreds of volunteers in the community, and thousands more online, who would serves as educators and mentors for our children.

These free services are never on the school’s budget cost-cutting agenda.

He who knows not and knows not that he knows not…

The U.S. Department of Education has been developing online educational programs in an effort to close the achievement gap by making tools accessible for free. It began as part of the No Child Left Behind initiative.


I must contend with educators to get my children and grandchildren the best curriculum material available. However, as of late, my third-grade grandson’s average in math dropped from the 90s in the first grade, to 80s in the second grade, and now 70s.

When I examined the math book, therein I saw the problem between curriculum and student cognition. The math curriculum is CONFUSING.

My grandson is learning how to multiply and carry over, for the first time. This should have been learned in the first grade. But the math curriculum in the book is misaligned. Now my grandson, once an A-honor student, is now taking a math tutorial class.

I would prefer the tutor use a free online tool for multiplication built through the Department of Education at Other similar free math tools are available, as well as tools in different subjects. Also, a highly recommended free math online teaching tool is

My first-grade granddaughter is having trouble with her vocabulary and word recognition. As a vocabulary-building tutorial, she was given a list of words to memorize and spell.

Where does a child’s cognition associate word with meaning? This is one of the shortcomings of teaching word and meaning by phonics.

I would prefer my granddaughter be taught from

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