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Friday, January 23, 2009

Watch the Video Message About Organizing for America

The Future of the Grassroots Movement

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wisdomteachesme said...

greetings eddie,
i came by to learn more about your ideas concerning public education and ways that can be used to help repair the p.s. ed. system.

very good points in the video that will work.

here in nc the system is a mess also. it's part of the reason i left teaching a little oover 2 years ago.

the way the stystem is now does not include every child nor does it really help the children it should be helping.
i say all the time, it's easy for a teacher to teach a child that already knows how to read and do math.

the real test of a good teacher is if they can teach the child who can't read or do math to do so!

thank you for speaking out about what needs to be repaired and also for offerring solutions to get the work in movement.

~on feet of peace,

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