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Tuesday, April 7, 2009



Fort Worth, Texas – The Fort Worth Independent School District has empowered all school campuses to control the content in their individual school Internet Web sites. Under an older Internet administration program, maintaining and updating individual campus Web sites was costly and tedious. With the newly launched Microsoft SharePoint Content Management System, the District is not only saving $100,000 per year, but also providing schools with the power to better unite their local teams.

Each campus should have at least one trained Technology Integration Educator, or TIE, who will keep their campus Web site up-to-date. TIE’s receive a stipend of $500 for their Web site work. The District’s Communication Department has spent the last six months establishing official school colors and ensuring that each mascot is unique to that campus.

“The campus Web site is a very important tool to keep students, faculty, staff and parents connected at each school,” said Jennifer Perez, the FWISD Web Master. “Now, we have provided each campus with the skills and the tools they need to regularly and consistently update those sites so each school community can better organize as a team.”

FWISD’s Digital District follows the Strategic Plan goals of making all operations in the District efficient and effective. Additionally, it supports family involvement and community partnerships as an integral part of the education of all children.

Each newly improved campus Web site now mirrors and be accessed through the primary District Web site,

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